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The Benefits of Shared Hosting


The Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where your website is hosted on the same web server as other websites. This means that the server is shared between different websites.shared hosting

Here is a look at the benefits of shared hosting.

Lower Cost

Shared web hosting is usually quite cheap and for the price you will be able to get enough space and bandwidth. The price is attractive and that is why shared hosting is popular with new websites.

Easy to Use

Your web host will set the server so that it is ready for your website to be uploaded. You will just need to make a few configurations that are easy and your website will then be up and running.

With shared hosting you will not have to have professional skills or knowledge to set up and run your website.

You will have a control panel that is provided by your web host that allows you to easily manage your website.

Efficient Shared Hosting

With shared hosting you will be given sufficient bandwidth and space to run your website and you can run more than one site.

Fast Support

Shared hosting is a cheaper web hosting solution, but you will get a faster technical support. This is because if your website goes wrong on a shared server it might affect other websites from other customers that share the server. Your web host is then forced to solve the issue quickly.

With a dedicated server you are able to manage the server yourself and the web host will expect you to have the skills to do this. If your website is on a dedicated server and it goes down, it will not affect any of the other hosting customers. This means that your web host might not help you straight away.

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